Operation and policy and Procedure

We challenge the status quo in your local market, and turn your hotel property or project into a market leader. Too many hotels are stuck in traditional ways of hospitality operations. But we will lift your hotel asset to another level, uncovering its hidden revenue potential by implementing our operation procedure.

Focusing on the unique selling points of your property, our experts will develop a customized and creative strategic hotel advice plan, to increase the standard of services and revenue generation power of your hotel or resort. And with our best practices and proven methodology, we will increase both top line revenue income as well as bottom line profit. We will push all levels of your PnL; NOI, GOP, EBITDA.

An LilyPool hotel is a firm believer of the power of an independent hotel with a unique product and amazing guest experience, over the conventional hotel franchise chain branding route. Keeping up with the latest developments and innovative solutions in hotel distribution and online travel marketing can be challenging, with the landscape changing so quickly. Our operational policy and procedure specialists are here to turn your hotel around and increase your financial results.